**WANTED** – Anthony Valera of Pocono Summit

January 9, 2023

** Update** – Anthony alera turned himself in to detectives on January 12, 2023.

Anthony Valera, 37, of Pocono Summit is wanted by the Criminal Investigations Division of the Monroe County Office of the District Attorney for contractor fraud and numerous theft offenses. Most of the offenses Valera is facing are felonies.

The criminal allegations are that Anthony Valera has accepted various sums of money from customers for various home improvement or construction projects, doing only a small amount of work or no work at all, and not finishing the job.  In some cases Valera insisted on being paid weekly or bi-weekly in the contract then would abandon the project and stop communicating with his victims once nearly the entire amount was paid.

In yet other cases, Valera had taken the first one or two payment installments installments for projects and then either not done any of the work or abandoned the project without completing it.

Anthony Valera is suspected of having stolen approximately $154,400 from five (5) different customers. However, investigation has revealed that there may be more victims who have not yet come forward.

Anthony Valera has done business using the following business names:

  • Valera Home Improvement LLC;
  • Pocono Custom Home Builders Corp.;
  • Valera Custom Home Builders LLC, and;
  • V.H.I. LLC.

Valera is known to drive a 2013 Nissan NV Work Van, white in color, bearing a PA Registration of ZMX-1797. There may or may not be decals with one of the above mentioned business names on the van.

If you believe that you are a victim of contractor fraud perpetrated by Anthony Valera, or if you have information as to his whereabouts, you can make a report by contacting Detective Thomas McMahon via telephone at (570) 517-3025 or by Email at TJMcMahon@monroecountypa.gov.

If you encounter Anthony Valera, please call 911 or your local police department.

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