Success story – Monroe County human trafficking victim reunited with her children

April 6, 2022

Lacey Goldsmith

In 2018, detectives from our Criminal Investigation Division, led by Detective Kim Lippincott, answered an online prostitution ad at a Tannersville motel.  When an undercover detective, posing as a john, arrived at the hotel, detectives discovered that the woman was working with a man, later identified as John Golom, and another woman, Lacey Goldsmith.

The investigation would eventually reveal that Lacey and the other woman were both victims of human sex trafficking at the hands of John Golom, who forced the women to engage in prostitution in multiple states from Florida to Pennsylvania to New York.

Golom is now in federal prison having been convicted of federal sex trafficking offenses.   

Lacey, on the other hand, has been reunited with her three children in Florida.  

You can read more about Lacey’s story at

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