At the heart of the Pocono Mountains, Monroe County is the fastest growing county in Pennsylvania in terms of overall population growth. Such explosive growth has brought with it an overall increase in crime and other public safety issues.

The Office of the District Attorney stands ready to address these issues head-on.

As the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the County, District Attorney Mike Mancuso is responsible for seeking justice on a daily basis, protecting the rights of our citizens through the prosecution of those among us who commit crimes, and providing support and assistance to victims of crime.

Through the use of efficient and fair prosecutions of criminal offenders, criminal investigations by our Criminal Investigations Division, investigative assistance to local police departments, participation in anti-crime and quality of life initiatives, and offering assistance and support to victims of crime, the Monroe County Office of the District Attorney continues to strive towards a safe and crime-free Monroe County.

The Monroe County Office of the District Attorney is staffed by fifteen prosecutors, ten secretaries, an office manager, five victim / witness advocates, a trial director, and ten county detectives serving approximately 170,000 residents, four municipal police departments, one state university police department, and three state police barracks.

In addition to prosecuting criminals, the District Attorney’s Office participates in quality of life programs such as crime watch, crime stoppers, community policing services, law enforcement training, and task force operations.