Precious Metals / Second Hand Goods Requirements

Under Pennsylvania law, all dealers in precious metals are required to obtain a license from the Sheriff of each county in which the dealer purchases precious metals. Such licenses must be renewed annually.

Additionally, all records of the purchase of precious metals by a dealer must be maintained in accordance with the law and a copy of that record provided to the Office of the District Attorney.

Dealers who fail to obtain the proper license, or fail to comply with the law concerning the retention and submission of records, are subject to criminal prosecution.

For more information concerning the specifics of the law, the Pennsylvania Precious Metals Act is available on the Pennsylvania Code website.

The application for both businesses and individuals can be found on the Monroe County Precious Metals Licensing page or the links to the right.

Further, several municipalities in Monroe County have enacted ordinances requiring that dealers in second hand goods, such as, pawn shops, second hand shops, and scrap yard, also comply with similar requirements. Please contact your local township or borough to determine if you are subject to such a requirement.

In order to make the required reporting more efficient, the Monroe County Office of the District Attorney utilizes an online reporting system known as LeadsOnline.

LeadsOnline Reporting for Businesses
  1. Any business or other organization required to report transactions concerning the purchase of precious metals or second hand goods in Monroe County must utilize LeadsOnline for such reporting.

  2. There is no cost to you associated with the use of LeadsOnline.

  3. To register your business, visit the LeadsOnline Business Registration page.

  4. Once registered, there is a brief tutorial available explaining how to utilize the website for your reporting needs.

  5. Submission of transaction records to LeadsOnline is sufficient to satisfy the reporting requirements of precious metals dealers and second hand goods buyer.

  6. Submissions to LeadsOnline must include a photograph of the seller’s driver’s license, a photograph and description of the item(s) purchased by the dealer, and the amount paid to the seller.