Prior to 1850, the investigation and prosecution of crime in Pennsylvania was the province of the state Attorney General and his deputies.

In May of 1850. the Pennsylvania legislature, seeing the need for a prosecutor elected by the people of each county, passed a law providing for the election of county District Attorneys.

This law, known as “An Act Providing for the Election of District Attorneys”, required that each county “elect one person, learned in the law…who shall be called the District Attorney of said county; and the Officer so elected shall sign all bills of indictment, and conduct in court all criminal or other persecutions in the name of the Commonwealth…”

Since that time, the voters of Monroe County have elected 25 such “men learned in the law” as their District Attorney.

The current District Attorney, E. David Christine, Jr., is in his fifth term serving the people of Monroe County as District Attorney.

Former Monroe County District Attorneys

Names highlighted in red have a linked biography and / or photograph.

Name Years Served
Mark P. Pazuhanich1996 to 2000
James P. Gregor1992 to 1996
E. David Christine, Jr.1987 to 1991
James F. Marsh1971 to 1987
Phillip H. Williams1968 to 1971
James R. Marsh1960 to 1967
Detleff A. Hansen1956 to 1959
Elmer D. Christine1952 to 1955
Detleff A. Hansen1948 to 1951
Fred W. Davis1940 to 1948
James T. Kitson1936 to 1940
George G. Shafer1932 to 1935
Ira A. Labar1928 to 1932
Donald J. Marvin1924 to 1928
Chester Rhodes1920 to 1924
Ira A. Labar1912 to 1920
Claude Shull1908 to 1912
Cicero Gearhart1905 to 1908
John B. Williams1893 to 1905
L.E. Holbrook1890 to 1893
Rogers L. Burnett1884 to 1890
Henry Katz1881 to 1884
David S. Lee1872 to 1880
Stephen Holmes1863 to 1872
William Haviland1856 to 1863
Abraham Barry1853 to 1856