Mount Airy Casino, located in Mount Pocono, is the holder of a Category 1 slot machine license, table game operation certificate, interactive gaming certificate, and sports wagering certificate issued by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.  The total costs of these licenses and certificates exceeds $80 million – all of which was paid directly to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Along with gaming opportunities, Mount Airy has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the construction and expansion of its state-of-the-art facility.  Employing over 800 people, Mount Airy has generated in excess of $1 billion in tax revenue for Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately legalized gambling interests in Pennsylvania, including Mount Airy, face intense competition from unlicensed and illegal slot machines marketed as “skill games” by their manufacturer.  In Pennsylvania alone it is estimated that approximately 15,000 of these illegal slot machines are operating in bars, restaurants, and clubs.  In contrast to legal casinos, which are both regulated and taxed, illegal gambling establishments pay no gaming taxes or other revenue to the state, provide no consumer protections to ensure that the games are fair, and provide no safeguards to protect at-risk individuals from addictive and problem gaming.  

The Monroe County Office of the District Attorney is committed to investigating and prosecuting unlawful gambling establishments to ensure that the citizens of Pennsylvania, and Monroe County, receive their fair portion of gambling tax revenue.  To that end, the Monroe County Office of the District Attorney has received a grant from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board which has allowed us to fund and assign a detective from our Criminal Investigations Division and an Assistant District Attorney from our Prosecution Division to focus on the detection, investigation, and prosecution of such unlawful gambling establishments.

To anonymously report illegal gambling and slot machine operations, please visit our Anonymous Complaint page.

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