The Office of the District Attorney, through a cooperative agreement with the Housing Authority of Monroe County, investigates reports of Public Housing and Section 8 fraud.

Housing Fraud comes in many forms, with the most common being the failure of benefit recipients to disclose the identity of all of the occupants of their homes. Often, this is done to prevent the discovery of the true total household income, which is used to calculate the Section 8 benefit ammount. Other times, the Section 8 recipient or Public Housing resident knows that someone they have unlawfully living with them has a criminal history that would preclude them from living in Public Housing or a Section 8 subsidized property.

As both Public Housing and the Section 8 program are funded by the Federal government, the Housing Fraud section works closely with the Housing and Urban Development Office of Inspector General in investigating and prosecuting instances of theft and other fraud concerning the unlawful receipt of Public Housing or Section 8 benefits.

To file a complaint of suspected fraud concerning Section 8 or Public Housing, please contact us online or by email at

You may also contact the Housing Authority of Monroe County at (570) 421-7770 or online at