The Monroe County Gang Task Force is an extension of the Northeast Pennsylvania Gang Task Force, which is collaborative effort between all law enforcement agencies in northeast Pennsylvania, as well as officials from correctional facilities, Children and Youth Services, and local school officials.

The purpose of the Gang Task Force is to present a coordinated and concentrated effort on the part of all agencies to effectively prevent and combat gang violence and gang associated problems.

These enforcement efforts are accomplished through the utilization of a gang task force concept to supplement individual agency enforcement and prevention efforts.

Use of this task force concept ensures a well-coordinated, countywide enforcement program, and increases the flow of gang related information among various law enforcement and other public agencies within Monroe County in an attempt to:

  • Reduce the occurrence of gang related crimes
  • Identify and apprehend gang members responsible for criminal conduct
  • Assist Monroe County law enforcement agencies with specific gang problems within their jurisdiction and coordinate with law enforcement counterparts outside the county, focusing on gang related information
  • Gather and disseminate gang information to affected agencies in a timely manner
  • Provide training to Monroe County law enforcement agencies upon their request, in the areas of gang related activity/enforcement
  • Conduct or coordinate public gang awareness presentations
  • Meet with community members to discuss the impact of criminal gang activity and collectively work toward a realistic solution


Reporting gang activity in your neighborhood

The Monroe County Office of the District Attorney has a dedicated gang investigator whose focus is the identification of known gang members, the collection of intelligence regarding the activities of criminal street gangs, and the investigation of gang-related crime.

If you know of or suspect criminal gang activity in your area, please report such incidents to our County Detectives at (570) 517-3052 or by email at All tips can be kept confidential.

If you prefer, you may also submit tips anonymously through our anonymous tipline on our Anonymous Complaint page.