In an attempt to remain transparent, and keep the news media and the general public informed of the operations of the Office of the District Attorney, we’ve created a Media and Press listserv, which will serve as a restricted announcement list for members of the news media and the press.

The purpose of the list is to provide a centralized announcement forum for the distribution of press releases, notification of press conferences, and other related material from the Office of the District Attorney.

Information concerning this list, including the names and email addresses of list members, is not visible to the general public. Further, this is a distribution-only list, meaning that it is used only for sending announcements from the Office of the District Attorney. Members may not post to the list, so there is no concern over unsolicited (i.e., spam) emails being received by list members.

We strongly recommend that each member of the news media who is interested in receiving such material sign up for this listserv.

How to sign up for the list

To sign up for the Media and Press listserv, simply complete and submit the below registration form.

All fields are REQUIRED. 

To expedite approval, we recommend that you use your official organization email address. However, you are welcome to use any email address of your choosing.

Please provide your cell phone number as a point of contact.  We ask that you provide your cell phone number in the event of an issue concerning your email address.

Your cell phone number will not be published or distributed and is only visible to the list administrator, Chief Detective Eric Kerchner. 

Why sign up?
  • Ensure receipt of all press releases

  • Notification of press conferences

  • Updates on significant case developments

  • List recipients are kept private, not exposing your email address

  • No reply-all functionality, so you won’t be inundated with replies from other members
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