James T. Kitson, a Stroudsburg native, was a member of the Shull, Shull and Kitson law firm when he was appointed as Monroe County’s district attorney on June 28, 1945.

Immediately upon being selected by President Judge Fred W. Davis, Kitson took the oath of office. The office had been vacant since Davis, who had held the position, had become president judge.

Kitson, the son of Lotta and Thomas J. Kitson, was a member of Stroudsburg High School class of 1924. After graduating high school, he earned a master of science degree in economics at Wharton School of Finance, University of Pennsylvania, and a bachelor of law degree at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, which he received in 1934.

Kitson was also admitted to Monroe County Bar 1934. Around the same time, he served as one of the solicitors for Stroudsburg Security Trust Co.

In 1935, he received the Republican party nomination for district attorney but lost in the general election.

Kitson, joined the FBI during May 1943, and ended his association with that federal agency on June 23, after the World War II ended in Europe.

He then returned to Stroudsburg to resume his law practice.

Kitson was married to Elizabeth Taylor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Taylor of Stroudsburg.