The Monroe County Law Enforcement listserv is a restricted email discussion list for sworn law enforcement officers in Monroe County, state and federal law enforcement officers operating in or around Monroe County, as well as select other criminal justice professionals such as probation officers, assistant district attorneys, etc.

The purpose of the list is to provide a centralized forum for information and intelligence sharing, eliminating the need for emails to be sent to each officer individually. Members can post to the list, and those messages are forwarded to all list members. By pooling our collective knowledge concerning criminal activity and other information of interest to list members, we can more effectively combat crime in Monroe County and share officer safety information.

All members of the list have been personally vetted by detectives from the Monroe County Office of the District Attorney and have been verified as being sworn law enforcement officers or other approved criminal justice professional.

Information concerning this list, including the names and email addresses of list members, is not visible to the general public. Likewise, any messages sent by non-members are automatically rejected by the server, resulting in a secure environment.

In addition to providing a channel for sharing information and intelligence among our fellow officers, this list functions as a distribution system for announcements from the District Attorney’s Office.

We strongly recommend that each law enforcement officer in the county subscribe to the list.

How to sign up for the listserv

To sign up for the Monroe County Law Enforcement listserv, simply complete and submit the below registration form.

All fields are REQUIRED.  To expedite approval, we recommend that you use your official department email address or whichever email address you check regularly.  However, you are welcome to use any email address of your choosing.   

Please provide your cell phone number as a point of contact. Your cell phone number will not be published or distributed. Your contact number is necessary for use by the listserv administrators in managing your account and as a point of contact in the event of an emergency.

Your request will be forwarded to the list administrators, Chief Detective Eric Kerchner and Detective Brian Webbe, who will verify your status as a law enforcement officer or other approved criminal justice professional and manually approve your subscription.

Once approved, you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to use the list. 

Why sign up?
  • Real-time intelligence and information sharing

  • Easy communication with other law enforcement agencies

  • Updates from the District Attorney’s Office

  • Ability to change personal settings
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