The Narcotics Unit of the Office of the District Attorney conducts investigations into the unlawful possession and sale of drugs in Monroe County.

One of the major concerns of the the Office of the District Attorney, as well as other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, is the steady increase of drug-related crimes. As a result, the Detective Unit has a full-time narcotics investigator who is assigned specifically to conduct drug investigations. Further, all detectives employed by the Office of the District Attorney can and do conduct their own narcotics investigations in order to leverage all possible resources against the scourge of illegal drugs.

In addition to conducting their own narcotics investigations, Detectives with the Office of the District Attorney are active participants in the Monroe County Drug Task Force, which is a collaborative effort between the Office of the District Attorney and other local law enforcement agencies to address the ever-present issue of illegal drugs in our community.

The location of Monroe County – along the I-80 corridor, and nearby to major metropolitan areas of the East Coast – creates a unique environment which ensures that the Narcotics Unit is the busiest division of the Detective Unit.

The Narcotics Unit, in conjunction with the Chief County Detective, manage and oversee the Monroe County Drug Task Force, coordinating anti-drug operations in Monroe County.

To speak to someone about our narcotics unit, or to file a complaint of suspect illicit drug sales, please contact us online or by email at

You may also file an anonymous complaint.