As a result of a recommendation from the Overdose Fatality Review program, in February 2023 the Monroe County Office of the District Attorney partnered with a Certified Recovery Specialist to establish an Overdose Survivor / High Risk Substance Abuse outreach program.

In this co-response model, Detective Kim Lippincott coordinates with a Certified Recovery Specialist from Carbon, Monroe, & Pike Drug and Alcohol, which is a person in long term recovery who is certified to help others navigate their own way to recovery. The Monroe County Sherriff’s Office Deputies as well as Monroe County Probation and Parole Officers have also adapted this co-response model and are working closing with Detective Lippincott to participate in co-response to overdose survivors and high risk persons struggling with addiction in our communities.

This duo reaches out and makes contact with opioid overdose survivors and offers a variety of services, including assistance obtaining rehabilitation services, access to Narcan, as well as education about opioid addiction for the individuals and their families.

The implementation of a co-response methodology to non-fatal opioid overdoses has been very well received by members of the community. Not only is the response to these overdoses saving lives but it is bridging the gap between law enforcement and those struggling with opioid addiction and helping to reduce stigma.

The Overdose Survivor / High Risk Substance Abuse outreach program not only responds to law enforcement reports of opioid overdose survivors but also accepts direct referrals from private citizens and other public agencies.

If you know of someone suffering from substance abuse disorder who is at risk of experiencing an opioid overdose, please contact Detective Kim Lippincott at or use the form below.

Overdose Survivor / High Risk Substance Abuse referral

Outreach referral form

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Please include as much information as possible concerning the at-risk individual that you are referring for services.  You may remain anonymous.

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