Inmate charged with attempting to smuggle meth into correctional facility

May 16, 2024

Kenneth Macelak, Jr.

Kenneth Macelak, Jr. (age 40) has been charged by detectives from the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) of the Monroe County Office of the District Attorney after he was discovered attempting to smuggle methamphetamine into the Monroe County Correctional Facility while being booked on unrelated charges on May 2, 2024.

While being processed, correctional officers discovered methamphetamine concealed on Macelak’s person.  Officials at the correctional facility contacted CID detectives and Detective Derek Marshall opened an investigation.   That investigation ultimately led to the filing of criminal charges against Macelak.

Macelak was charged with Possession of a controlled substance, Contraband by an inmate (a felony of the second degree), Contraband Prohibited – Alcohol and Drugs (an ungraded felony), Possession of a controlled substance (an ungraded misdemeanor), and Possession of drug paraphernalia (an ungraded misdemeanor).

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