Parents of murdered infant in Barrett Township facing charges of manslaughter, murder

April 22, 2021

Lamont Bacchus

Amanda Green

Tony Kristiansen

Michael Mancuso First Assistant District Attorney has approved new charges on three individuals previously arrested in connection with the March 19 death of a two-month-old female child.

Lamont Bacchus, 31, the child’s father, of New Castle, Delaware, now faces charges of criminal homicide, endangering the welfare of a child, assault, and drug charges.   Amanda Green, 29, the child’s mother, of Marshall’s Creek, now faces charges of involuntary manslaughter, endangering the welfare of a child, and delivery of drugs. The third defendant, Tony Kristiansen, 29, of Barrett Township, originally charged with several counts of the felony 3 child endangering charge, is now facing felony 1 and felony 2 endangering charges.  He also faces drug delivery charges

During an autopsy ordered by Monroe County Coroner Thomas Yanac, it was discovered that the child suffered from a gaping skull fracture on the left side of the head and numerous scalp and brain hemorrhages.  Dr. Wayne Ross, a forensic pathologist from Lancaster, has determined that the child died due to traumatic brain injury as a result of homicide.  

On March 19, officers from the Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department responded to an afternoon 911 call of a dead infant at the Route 447 apartment of Green’s friend, Tony Kristiansen.  Initially, all three individuals – Bacchus, Green, and Kristiansen – were arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child and drug offenses after it was discovered that all three (3) were using drugs in the presence of the children in the apartment and had waited in excess of an hour between finding the baby deceased and dialing 911.  Additionally, Bacchus was charged with simple assault as a result of his physical assault on Green the night before.

Initially, Bacchus claimed that he had left the apartment to buy heroin several hours before the child was discovered dead and that the child was fine when he left the apartment.  Kristiansen, who found the child deceased, and Green related that they delayed calling 911 in order to remove drugs from the apartment before the police arrived. 

An autopsy performed on the child revealed that she had a skull fracture and brain hemorrhaging on the left side of her head, hemorrhaging in both eyes, and fractures behind each eye.  The child’s injuries were consistent with an impact or blunt force as if she was struck and the cause of death has been listed as traumatic brain injury.  

When confronted with this information, Bacchus changed his story, claiming that he had tripped while carrying the child and accidentally dropped her.  Eventually, Bacchus admitted that he had struck the baby’s head against the table out of frustration from her crying and him being the only one caring for the child during that time.  Bacchus stated that he knew the child was dead immediately after her struck her head on the table.  After killing the child, Bacchus placed her back onto the couch and went back to sleep. 

Green is now charged with involuntary manslaughter as a result of her recklessness and gross negligence in the care of her daughter. Among the factors involved in that determination included injecting Bacchus with drugs and leaving the child in his care while she went to sleep with Kristiansen.  

The Monroe County Office of the District Attorney recognizes the exceptionally difficult and traumatic nature of this investigation and the professionalism and dedication with which Detective Ryan Venneman and Detective Erica Burk of the Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department displayed in their pursuit of justice. Special thanks also to Detective Mario Orlando of the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office for his help with the case.

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