PVSD Director of Support Service waives preliminary hearing on felony wiretap charges

January 26, 2018

On Friday, January 26, 2018, before MDJ Daniel Higgins the defendant, Joshua Ryan Krebs, gave up his rights to a preliminary hearing and the felony wiretap charges were sent to the Court of Common Pleas. The defendant will appear for formal arraignment on March 14, 2018, at 8:30 am in Courtroom one of the Monroe County Courthouse.

As part of the defendant’s proceedings, his bail conditions were changed. Specifically, the defendant is subject to the following bail conditions, imposed by Judge Higgins:

1. Defendant shall have no contact with teachers at the Pleasant Valley Elementary School, including but not limited to, John Gesiskie, Dawn Wisser, Kim Smith and any other teachers at the said school,

2. The defendant shall have no contact with and no supervisory authority over Crystal Reph and Jared Rechenberger.

3. This no contact order includes the defendant not appearing at any committee meetings in which any Pleasant Valley Elementary teachers or other persons covered by this order, appear.

4. If there are any emergencies to the building at Pleasant Valley Elementary, the defendant can access the building to deal with the issue.

The Commonwealth thanks the witnesses who appeared in Court today. The investigation into the allegations against the Pleasant Valley School administration continues. Any person with information concerning the investigation should contact Detective Wendy Serfass at 570-517-3063 or email her at wsbentzoni@monroecountypa.gov.

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